Kosher Life


Kosher store Kosher Life is located on Brunnenstr. 31a in Berlin.

Since the beginning their main goal has been to meet the needs of Jewish families for kosher products with a wide range of products. So you can find to this day with staff the largest assortment of kosher foods that meet the highest standards. What sets us apart in Berlin is that we know very well what you need on the Shabbat table.

They attach great importance to the quality of the Kashrut certificates of all products in their business, work in close contact with customers and respond to their wishes and needs. They always strive to keep attractive the price affordability of product spectrum for customers and also want to contribute to the development of a market for kosher products in Berlin, which can be shown to make it possible to live a kosher life in Berlin to lead without having to do without something.

Kosher store under the Supervision of Rabbi Yechiel Babad.

Kosher Life


Kosher Life

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